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Dongguan Preci Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Sensor accessories,connector accessories,connection terminal,pin,nut,screw,stamping part  

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About Us
Our company was established in 2000 and is specialized in precise hardware and relevant services. In 2004, our turnover was more than RMB 4.5 million.
Dong Guan Preci Electronic Technology Co.,Ltd . Is Located in the following yu ning industrial zone . Our company adopts imported CNC lathe , precision automatic lathe, heart lathe,multi-function secondary processing equipment,continuous punching machine,etc. Testing equipment , the projector , salt water tightness test enginery , tensile testing machine , various professional testing machine fixture . The company has the rich experience in the production of technical connector manufacturer for many at home and abroad , to provide high quality products and parts.

Main products:screws , nuts, PIN , connectors , terminals . terminal blocks , phosphorus copper inlaid copper terminals, terminals , terminal blocks , aviation, wire and cadle connector glue stamping . All kinds of connectors , widely used as:circular connector ... [Detail]